You’ve read the book by the cover, now let’s see how the story unfolds.


Spurs Off the Couch

Entering the home, there’s wood above and below, bright white all around.


Dine In

Country Cozy – Elegantly Appointed

Black and white satin finish marble countertops. Rustic Knotty Aulder cabinets with quiet close doors. Accented with simple modern hardware.

Skip to the Master Bath

Weary from a long day on the trail, you slide the barn door open, and step inside of your own personal spa.

The Knotty Aulder carries throughout the home, into the washrooms. Matching hardware keeps the style continuous.

Glossy marble countertops on their and their segregated basins, because happy relationships begin with individual vanities.


Two Head Shower

Large Soaking Tub

Private Commode

Rusticated Timber Trim

Dual Barn Door

Wide Open Views

Dual Vanities



Suds up and simmer sedated en scène.

Freestanding pedestal tub with a view beyond the Sawtooth Mountains to Big Bear.

We didn’t even consider adding a curtain, you probably won’t either.


Main Bedroom

Spacious room with large bright tile-trimmed windows look out to the north. Three walls available to back the headboards up against.

Knotty Aulder sliding barn door separates the main washroom.

A large walk in closet with tall mirrors, multiple shelves, and layers of clothes racks.

Cowpoke Quarters

Oversized secondary bedrooms.

Featuring mirrored slider doors hiding custom designed closets with shelves and racks. Hanging lamp fixtures tie in to the rest of the house.

A Home is More Than Just Rooms

This home was built by someone with intense attention to detail, click the button to see some of the building details.